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The Pictures themselves are from the End of the previous week to be saved as to benefits 1st then from the Excel download used as often you wish with your holdings at yesterday's trade values.

  100% is never wrong for Your Portfolio that begins with the 10 Best Dows in the 1st Chart


Nor the deviations from it for the Stock Price for a Basket of Stocks by the Absolute Percent, AB$%®.


     To commercialize the AB$%® for Your Down Loadable Version of the DJIA I inserted in the   chart below, the total closing prices for each Dow stock from the prior Friday ($2,900 prox.) The amount is the most consistent yet meaningless number to reflect upon. But the price per share is exactly what you would pay if you purchased single  shares of the 30 Dow stocks. Ironically it closely resembles the average price per share of the 10 Best Dow Stocks (chart 2). Meaning that the mix of 30 values is not partial to high or lows per share for the results of the respective Absolute Percent’s.


Downloading Your Own Dow DJIA from this Website will be a First for the Entire Industry

 Because You will be Using the 4th Dimension of Equity Investing

 Share Counts for Each Stock


Hard to believe the Rest of the Capital World Sells by Units but not for Stocks Quantities


The Most Important Component for Most Intrinsic Values


   How many Shares per $1000 Investment is in fact the Principal Driver as it should be within the ABSOLUTE PERCENT (AB$%®) along with Three Variable (Price, ROI & Benchmark #3) from Two Patents . Quantities  Owned unfortunately for me equates to less Daily Equity Trading & the non-commercialization the Absolute Percent of the Patent/Trademarks Process…..Except for Predicting the Future for the DJIA for the entire Financial Industry within this site elsewhere. Meanwhile the Equity Industry will continue with its lack of Intrinsic Value because it is hanging for its life on a cloud.


   The lack of intrinsic value does not stop with lacking share counts that your DJIA download contains. There is only one share count that is intrinsic to real-time hands on value, all the Outstanding Shares of 30 Corporations.   That is 82 billion that make-up the DJIA itself with a total trading value of 6 trillion dollars currently trading in the $70.00+ range per share.


    Other ownership is  best exampled in a cloud by he SPDR DIA (Dow Industrial Average) ETF an Index Fund. That is 74 billion Unit-Shares for ETF’s residing in the cloud for 30 Corporations. The 74 billion are equal Unit-Shares for each of 30 Corporations times the daily closing price of the respective stock. The 74 billion changes daily as net investors (plus or minus) exchange other stocks for DIA or pay cash for the privilege of being on the cloud.


   The current 74 + count generally climbs (plus or minus the DJIA Index Value itself as much publicized by Dow Business News. Soon to be $200 per share or 20,000 for the Index that is currently close to $14 Trillion Dollars when multiplied by the same count for 30 corporations. As encountered by myself such shares were reduced by 8% on February 3, 2016 to allow for a fall off of 8% in the DJIA itself over a time frame not disclosed. 


  That is not end of cloud value for 30 Corporations. All Dow stocks included in other than the DIA Index are parts of all other ETFs that total 8 trillion dollars and growing that puts Equity Cloud Value  over $20 trillion. Coincidentally more than the National Debt. 


 There are only two rules in managing your Dow 

 Buying a higher ROI increases a Fund ROI

Buying a Higher Absolute Percent with a  quantity size the AB$% will increase

(The Excel Download allows you test quantities before the buy) 

 The Detail of the Best 3 Dows Stocks  is also available with your Download in case you want to enhance your data base  via Yahoo Detail 


Do keep in mind the daily transparency  & hype of the Dow 30  makes it more susceptible to data not found it other stocks