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   The 2 charts immeditely below is the 1st successful rendering for what we all know as the DJIA Index with credentials beyond equal Share Units for 30 corporation times their daily closing  trading price.

By substracting $1,579.3 billion in CAP VALUE of some of the best Absolute Percents from the CAP Value of 30 Corporations, $5.937 Trillion 

The residual $4.358 trillion at virtually the same Average Trade Value as the Outstanding Shares with same ROI (11%) from a poor Benchmark #3 produce NO AB$% Dollars.

Indicating that the DJIA should not be Invested in as a Whole at its  Price per Share.

Currently Over $200

An Excel Grid File is a mathematical phenomenon. 31 closing stock prices are recording penny changes over 25 days while Earned versus Paid Hours as Patented maintains a 100% relationship at all times.


   I have been trying for several years to present the ETF outrage in asking investors to trade into the DIA SPRD to own lesser shares for the high price stocks of Amazon, BA, GS, HD, IBM, MMM, & UNH (all above $150 per Share) when exchanging from other Dow stocks owned.  Yahoo gave me the approach on 4/20/2017 by adding the Cap Values to their closing data for my D 30 Curve, a model that fixes the DJIA with 1000 Fixed AB$%® Points that embodies two patents.


 The first chart below put such closing Cap Values into the 1st column of my five very best to follow of which I currently own JPM, VZ along with BAC. Your 1st observation should be column 1 versus my data. Column 3 my data is accurate in agreement with Yahoo in total per share for the five with an ABS%® of 39.5% for single shares of JPM, VZ, CSCO, INTL, & APPL. 


  I took such 5 quarterly OiBiTDA dollars annualized and subtracted them my daily postings of the same data for all the outstanding shares of the 30 Dow Corporations and arrived at $4,357.7 billion in Cap Values with OiBiTDA dollars of $389.332 with an ROI of 10.8% & Paid Hours of 11,414,630 billion. The low Benchmark #3 result of $34.11 for 25 other Dows dropped the Cap Values per share virtually the same as the outstanding at $75.04 to .45 along with an ROI inverted of 9.26 to = an AB$%® of .00%.




Beating the Trading System Weekly 

Each week on Monday I sell off two holdings to cover a share purchase of 30 DIA shares. On Wednesday as allowed by two buy backs & their price. Such a Transaction allows me to remove $3,000 from my margin account & deposit the same amount in my  Trading account  for subsequent purchases. No capital gain with adding the amount to the total of the two accounts except for any personal cash needs. .........Charted below  




IBM & MMM below 2 of 30  Worst AB$% Percents with never before Fund Quantity Variations  

Where By the Ratio of Shares per $1000 of the Worse 

ARE Below 1.00 Producing an AB$% below 10%


 As Above IBM & MMM are Repeated below with the Same AB$% Result


Comparison with Equal Splits of 4 to 1

at the Bottom of the Chart  


Where By 

Shares times 4 & Price per Share Divided by 4 = the Same Trading Value & OiBiTDA $$$$


  While Bx #3, ROI & Hours Remain Equal  


The New AB$% is Exactly 4 times (the split)

that of before the Split  


How Can AnY Fund be Managed Without Knowing the Quantity of Each Component