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   Foremost, the Price per Share of the DIA ETF & its Index reflects 100 Years of appreciation plus many periodic splits of stock for most Corporations still in the elite.  In addition,the SEC & Congress are aware that traders are literally & figuratively being short changed by giving less shares for lower value stocks  being exchanged.  For comparitive purposes the Absolute Percent is nothing more than telling a Trader how many shares he or she is giving up or getting for every $1000.  


If you follow the Best 10 or less DJIA Stocks you will know by elimination which Dows not to own or to elininate by selling them because at the very least they are over priced in need of a stock split. 

 I never thought my dream of an Absolute Amount for any  Public Equity, Stock or Fund would be such a battle. Thursday's Closing of the NYSE will be the only posting each week for Friday Trading. Hopefully after program traders maybe through with their automatic  exchanges.   


   I will continue to reference the DJIA for my  postings in relation to several other versions (next tab) of the 30 stocks. I will not experience the 22% rise in value to my Scottrade Dows for the 1st Quarter 2016. That is unless a similar rise were to take place in the DJIA itself. I can guarantee  the Absolute Percent  of the best 10 or less will outperform any combination of all other Dows during any time frame.

The main thrust of this web-site is the 3rd Tab for your use. The Trading know how is best served every morning as posted via his Portfolio & its NYSE closing data from the previous day.

The 100% Rule or Ruler (take your choice)  of Investing

Stay within the Perennial 100% of the Best 10 or less Dow Stocks & Trade among Your Dow   until You get there.

Equity Appreciation Growth in & around 100% will aways be better Among the Best 10 or less because thay are priced to stay there.They were created with a permanent 5500 Share Distribution as to Quantity as Your Guide to Duplicate for your Own Success 

As I Have Done at the bottom of the above chart for my personal exchanges & holdings by Paying Attention to

Quantities of Each & the Average Price Per Share of All Shares


You will soon discover

 Whether in a Stock or Fund

More Shares per $1000 is the Road to 

An Absolute Percent

As Perfected with its Fixed 1000 AB$% Point DJIA  Nomemclature Trademark Below

for Both the D 30 Curve & All Outstanding shares of 30 Corporations


As a matter of record for today & the past most of the 30 corporations remove themselves from the top 10 by letting their price rise above $100 per share to equal less shares per $1000 & not splitting as did Apple.    

Below are the ranking of 30 stocks in the D 30 Curve (D for DAmico) a  model. The Whole that should be an  Economic Indicator because its ROI indivduality  is meant to accentuate the 100% plus  of the 10 Best or less components & the Patent Inventor's use of the same data for his personal & actual Scottrade IRA & Trading Accounts.  


Below is for the Record 2/10/2016

An increase in Share/Units with no explanation

74.040 from 68.590 or 5.450 billlion

& 8.0% exactly to agree with my data

??? In a down market to compensate

?? Like 30 Corporations declaring a 8% stock dividend 

The chart below is meant to capture the entire Patent/Trademark AB$%® process for appreciating trade value as a percent for an entire Fund or Portfolio in excess of that for:


 a) The DJIA; easy because many of the components are in need of stock splits.


 b)All of the Outstanding Shares of the 30 Corporations, ditto stock splits


  c) The D 30 Curve, a model with it D for DAMICO as it represents shares owned (460,007) in exact proportion to those Outstanding from 293 million to 8 billion. The D 3O Curve as an Economic Indicator for  Advertising Dollars in the form of a 1000 Fixed AB$% Points for International consumption is IPO available. 


 d) Although the 5500 shares of the 10 Best or less is fixed in shares it is meant to be duplicated with an Absolute Percent FOR YOUR OWN DOWS plus or minus 100%.  Ten or less Dow 30 stocks reflect the highest individually ranked corporations. The 6th best at this time seems to be about 10 Points below the AB$%® of outstanding shares. If increased with individual Corporate performances the 5500 will be reapportioned quarterly.


Because the DJIA is available as an ETF Index Fund as  it fluctuates due to shareholder increases & decreases will be changed on the chart at least twice per week from the DIA website. The other three Dow renderings in the chart will have no share change accounting.


    Last and foremost is my portfolio representing  any Public Fund or any collection of Dow Stocks is here-by meant to negate the need to show by example how the Patent/AB$% process works without “past data”.  Such absence is in fact done by the ranking knowledge to only trade FOR among the best six Dows FROM among the 10 least ranked Dows with the highest price per share in quantities. They will  produce immediate increases in trading value. Leave a little cushion for quantities of the lower price stocks.   Even though my initial $2,930 fell to $441 at day’s end the AB$% went to plus 100% from 97% signaling more upside in the future.


    The sureness of Trade Value appreciation is always there if you own any DIA SPDR ETF once twice or until fully divested from the Index.






"For the Record decline of 2/3/21016" at 8% above is not being offset by growth in the DIA Index ETF. that is netting out at a 5.2% decline in Trading  Dollars.  This is being confirmed by the best 6 Dow Stocks being down  3.1% above since 4/8/2016, the last 30 of 30 stock change to all Outstanding Shares.