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a New Worldwide 24/7 Fixed Scale Arithmetic Rendition of the DJIA with a Single Absolute Percent Criteria that compiles a Return on Investment that is Guaranteed to out perform the ROI of the Index itself. 

 News Corp (Barron's Etc.) & USA Today refuse to acknowledge from fool proof arithmetic of a Patent's 3 variables in chart 1 as confirmed by a Google Split example.

Ditto: For Major Product Lines of a Public Corporation to Out Perform the Index.


As claimed by a patent examiner, chart 2 & caption 2

 "Prior art  does not disclose or combine all individual ROIs with all individual benchmarks for each company. Prior art does not teach or provide motivation to change by acquiring or divesting individual stocks."

Complete patent examiner reasons for claim allowance of  Divisional 10/1/2013, bottom below 

Five Variables in a Single Percent Criteria:

1) Trade Value 2) ROI 3) Corporate Cash Profit Efficiency from a Headcount

4) Stock Quantities 

 5) Exchange Rates that

 Renders a Permanent International 1000 AB$% Point Scale to 30 Dow Stocks

Because Each Point is Impervious to All Currencies  


Today as a Fixed Scale of 1000 AB$% Points

Back to comparisons to 12/31/2013 

The  D 30 Curve Model is 443.3 or +1.2% 

Verses the DJIA at 16,409 -1.0% from 16,577 at Year End

Up or Down Wall Street Makes Money, Chart 3 for management sting

@ Your expense ratio per share 

Corporations do not change overnight. Why should the price of their stock ???  

Usually the case, but AT&T had explosive & public data for Q4 with a Rise in cash Profit of 70% that went under the Rigging Radar 

Teaching & Motivating from a Patent Attorney by acquiring higher ROI via the Absolute Percent when  divesting lower Absolutes, is real hedging versus owning all 30 Dows at the same time.  

Follow the Arrow in Chart 2 & wipe out the most pointless mechanics of owning all compoents of an Index, but good for higher management fees when an Investor can trade them for $70 ($7 x 10)    

 All data is STALE compared to knowing BEFORE TRADING the Absolute Percent as Trademarked for each share as calculated by 6 drawing sheets within two Patents as recently approved January 7, 2014. To be more specific I heard a stat that 48.5% of daily trading is from high frequency. Just the word frequency renders stale compared to the arithmetic of the Absolute Percent that fits all equities, stock and fund. 

The STALE data is allowing Wall Street to charge fees 10 times the amount for advice to buy 1 share of Google verses 1 share of XOM. Or 1 share of CVX instead of 4 shares of AT&T, which the Inventor just did recently for $7 from his data.     


1000 AB$% Points & 100% is the Perfection of 30 Stocks in Total Trading at their

Exact OiBiTDA ROI %

How many shares per $1000 an Investor gets are Ranked in order with high OiBiTDA ROIs  producing high Absolute Percents (AB$%) for any currency in the 2 charts below. In addition Yahoo Annual EPS estimates   produce an Alternative  AB$%  for comparison to the last  decending AB$% order


The Patent Technology Will Allow all Listed World Wide Stock Prices No Matter the Exchange or the Exchange Rate to Fall Under the same

AB$% Point Umbrella Daily & the Reason for IPO Credentials

See Friendly DJIA as the Best Judge of Absolute Stock Character

More Quantities of the Best Ab$% is Better than Diversifying

In the below chart

Please notice the Google cause via a 10 to 1 split for   the 3 variables of the Patents & the proportionate effect on the rise in the Absolute Percent of the AB$% Trademark.

        The quantity of shares is magnified in size by lower prices and amplified in a collection of stocks when the same ratio of Shares to Hours Owned is also divided by ROI Inverted for all Portfolios . Giving more absolute percent value to higher quantities in calculating AB$% for a collection of stocks as in a Portfolio is a completely new concept in Fund Management. As it does for stocks among all others, the AB$% also differentiates all Portfolios among all others. Allowing me to claim that a Positive Absolute Percent (AB$%) differentiates all Equities among all other Equities by a single Percent next to every Equity Symbol.


    The D 30 Curve Model in Current Dollars or Trade Value via the Absolute Percent and 1000 AB$% Points is also an Economic Indicator 


   The DJIA as first used more than 100 years ago was meant to be a stabilizer bringing investment and economic conditions together to measure growth during any time frame of the future. The D 30 in current dollars was my Patent Motivation from the start.


The DJIA as an Economic Indicator is easily out performed below by the Final Four as summarized as 30 Corporations Report to the SEC each calendar Quarter


As quoted from the examiners reasons for allowance; abbreviations 1st 2nd and & notwithstanding


      “The prior art (Ficery & Ballow) does not disclose the calculation where after the benchmarks & individual ROIs, OiBiTDA are calculated, an overall investor transparency value (OIV) is determined, by further combining all the individual ROIs with all individual benchmarks for each company.”          

       “The prior art of record does not teach or provide motivation to combine the references to teach” displaying each of the individual OiBiT values & each of the individual ROIs of each publicly traded equity investment of each portfolio,  along with the overall (OIV) of all the first publicly trade investment comparing the OIV of the 1st company to the OIV of the 2nd  company determining a change in performance of the 1st & the 2nd publicly traded company based on the calculated OiBiT quarterly hourly benchmark;

            determining a change in performance of the 1st & the 2nd publicly traded company based on the calculated ROI;

            acquiring or divesting additional stocks of the 1st company or the 2nd publicly traded company depending upon which of the OiBiT quarterly dollar benchmarks of the 1st company or the 2nd publicly traded company has changed.

            Therefore the claims are deemed allowable.   




Absolute Percent

Inve$tor Tran$parency®

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