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30 Dows at yesterday's closing price for your quantity of each one owned. - Total:$90.00


   The Trading Price of stock is here-by predicted & proven accurate by the deviation to 100%. Such is best done for 30 active Dow Stocks with the addition of Bank of America that constantly achieves the highest Absolute Percent AB$%® since its inception. Both use of grade school percent is exciting and powerful.  Yet as simple as an Excel download as posted in chart 3 every other day on this website. Such is so far reaching it needs a partner for fulfilment in the form of an Investment Banker addressed at the end of this website.   


"Give the best you have to the highest you know 

and do it now" 

Ralph W. Sockman 

Bank of America @ 30.00 per Share I.E. X 1000 Shares X its Probability Quotient of .54294 for the Quarter is  Predicted to be 1.9% better than the actual for the last 25  days at $24.41 & 101.9% Earned Hour Efficient at the same time. 

Charts 1 & 2 below imposed a significant $30.00  I.E. BAC Stock Price Change for the 2nd of 25 Grid Entries to prove

100% Earned Hour Originality to Predict Change   


 Bank of American my bank & my principal investment because of their Corporate ROI @ 20% has also  been the Highest  Absolute Percent Leader since & after  joining with Merrill Lynch. It never should have been removed from the DJIA with $230 billion in Cap Value, higher than 2/3  of 30 Corporations


It has been a long journey analyzing Operating Results among different Divisions as a Corporate Controller of a past & reorganized Fortune 500 manufacturing corporation before I retired in 1989. The trip has been worth it because I can now SHARE the PREDICTING PROOF of Actual Results by way of the Price per Share of 31 Stocks and the Unit Price of an Invoice Count, both of which are in place with accounting collaboration.  AND MORE IMPOTANTLY WITH A DOWNLOAD OF EACH THAT CAN BE VERIFIED first and then USED as a matter of choice without charge in its Patented Grid Format.