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30 Dows at yesterday's closing price for your quantity of each one owned. - Total:$90.00

Tracking the Average Price per Share as Patented for Public Funds is the true bearer of profit within stock trading from the Laws of Large Numbers & Averages

That is Certified as Accurate per the Average Price Per Share for Shareholders in Conformity with Accounting Standards 

    AS Patented 

   and open for business each week the Quarterly Universal Grid with 13 weekly Excel cells is going to change how all business conduct their operations by  Hourly Rates FOR SALE DOLLARS, PAYROLL DOLLARS   & CASH PROFIT (OiBiTDA)


  The Grid is governed by probability from the Laws of Large Numbers and Averages. Along with Grid Cells with specific Column Headings reporting  Price & Volume Variances Weekly for Sale Dollars, TOTALS  are quarter to date RESULTS at the same time as THEY ARE PREDICTIONS.


Made to Order for Hour Rate Franchising to CPA Firms for Operations & to Banks for  Business Credit Cards

After Put in SEC Hands to Service (not tax) for ALL Public Corporations Below


Direct from the Patent  



Earned vs Paid Hours in SEC Hands or Another Agency 

Can Start to Pay  Down the National Debt With Paid vs. Earned Hours  with the Universal Grid + Advertsing Dollars from the

D (for DAmico) 30 Dow Curve Model Economic Indicator



WFC Paid Hours per Quarter 132,900,000 X $2 = $266 Million

The DJIA 3.3 Billion Paid Hours X $2 =$6.6 Billion

All other Public Stocks 3.3 Billion Paid Hours X $2 =$6.6 Billion 

for $13.2 billion Each Quarter




With Data Certified as to Accuracy Easily Enhanced with an

Increase to the Rate per Hour  


After you absorb the magnitude of the Private Sector Market

Picture Every Municipal, State & Other Gov't Agency with

Benchmark #3 & Labor Cost (Bx #2) Accoutable to Taxpayers

In 13 Week Grid Format Recording & Predicting  




Fund Investing a No Win Situation Unless you Subscribe to the ABSOLUTE PERCENT

At the outset of understanding the ability to predict results is that it takes the end result to confirm the claim. The un-confirmed claim applies to Sales Dollars in a quarter as well as the averfage Trading Value of a basket of stocks as in the Universal Grid of its Patent. All Grids need the other output of the Patent. A quantity count whether it be Invoices, or Units & Hours Paid for a business and Stocks Owned in total for a Basket of Stocks & Investing


Of what use for a business is knowing more sales dollars as predicted when the price per Invoice or Unit is going down. It means less profit over the long run. Equally true for the ultimate profit of holding a quantity of stocks in a Fund or Portfolio. When the average price per share of all shares is going down ultimate profit is obviouly going down as a whole. A no-win situation for Basket Stock Investing especially because the entire industry does not even track such share price data.


Especially true from the fact when when a stock price goes up the ROI of such a Stock in the Basket goes down. True for all Public Funds but not true for the Absolute Percent of a Public Stock of Fund because the ROI is Inverted resulting in stock changes driving the AB$%® in the opposite direction.  


Below is ironic that an unused aspect of Trading, per Share Price as documented & relatively consistent within a range, is the element that gives validity to the claim that Sales Dollars are truly predictable. And that Unit Pricing the bearer of profit also analysis the result for any Business within the Universal Grid. The only difference being. The Universal Grid for the Average Trading Value of a Fund is 13 days while the Business Grid is a quarter & 13 weeks. 


With the crowning achievement for the Business Universal Grid the additional accuracy of Accounting Income Certification by Unit /Invoice & Paid Hour Data.


Shareholders can derive the Same Certified Performance of Operations for accuracy purposes as a rountine Grid procedure for all Public Funds each quarter from Fund Managers 

 All Data is will be directly posted below from my Scottrade Margin Account Daily  


Sales Mix Below for World Wide Resturant Retailers as achieved below is the

Infinite Market for Earned Hours 



For A New Age of Public Equity Fund Performnce & Reporting 

The Universal Grid as Patented that Predicts Results Two Week Out 

As Done for my Personal Margin Account

That also Validates the Same Grid Format for any Businees Location and/or Business Loan Account with Lendor/Borrower Transparency