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 Yes Sale Dollars & Fund Trading Dollars can  be Predicted & Proven Accurate 

For the Business & Fund Trading World 

Proven by a most obscure amount no one would ever think of as in the attached below Grid chart. 

as Patented for a 200 Year Old Probability Theorem* Put to Practice 


*Bernoullis Law of Large Numbers (independent repeated trials will approximate the proability of success on each trail)  along with the Law of Averages.


By a Quoient Estimated for Hours Paid that Are Equal to those to be Earned Each Week 


   The Key to a Universal Grid. Once a complete 12-day cycle for Trading Value Dollars of a Fund & 13 weeks of Business Sales Dollars is totaled for the 1st time the thereafter results reflect “to date” accumulations for all columns headings. All such factual column totals render analysis of the data simultaneously. Thus, removing the need to budget, close books monthly & auditing verification data because the Dollars of Both Trading Value of a Fund & Sales were predicted in the first place & are eventually those of a Financial Operating Statement. (12 days for a Fund & 13 week of a quarter for any Business).


   Proven by a most obscure amount no one would ever think of as in the attached Grid chart. Where-by day two & 4 columns contain the Prediction & Results of the previous cycle used as an example by the daily share volume of the previous cycle day for Outstanding shares of the DIA ETF/DJIA Index at the price for the Outstanding Shares of 30 corporations.


   Also, proving “to date” with the subsequent new changes different from the prior cycle & appearing in the last 2 columns for Hours Earned and the Sales Dollar variance for the particular day & quarter to date within the totals for the totals of each column. 


  Franchises Avaliable for CPA & Consulting Firms to Service Any Type Firm with Employees    


An Exact Perent Effectively in an Accounting & Auditing Sense Certifying

Both the Net Sales in a Revenue Statement as Reported to the Internal Revenue


*This comment is more than meets the eye. A Certified Financial Statement of Revenue generally attached to an Annual Report of a Public Company from Accounting Professionals is a misnomer. As experienced by me with a CPA certificate from New York State in 1962.  A Balance Sheet is worthy of the term. The bulk of a company’s Current Assets and most major Liabilities are AMOUNT certified by confirmed WRITTEN correspondence with third parties. Fixed Assets are more obvious as to their Amounts by tracing acquisitions through recent & the current year with scheduled depreciation rates.


Statements of Revenue (less expenses) between specific dates that accompany Certified Balance Sheets over 12 months are internally controlled. So called Internal Control starts with company personnel (Internal Auditors) & Outside Public CPA Firms for a month or two during the year. Such controls allow written certification of Revenue Statements. There is not one number that is positively accurate as to the amount. The written document as a letter after an audit is complete only insures general accepted standard & principals were followed between the two calendar dates.  


 The Patent/Trademark Process is the Start to Paying Off the Nationak Debt when the  Technology is Partially Put in SEC Hands 


   Even with partial ownership the SEC or another Government Agency would charge Fees for the Universal Grid. Public Companies would gladly pay such fees in lieu of Services for Certifying Operating Statments currently accompished internally along with CPA costs.


   The amount of income from such government fees is almost as incomprehensible as the National Debt iteslf. The income would have a natural base with the output of the Grid, Paid Hours.  The quantity of Hours Paid determine the size of the principal user along with each location which is a natural for Certification of all Public Corporations not done today.


     CPA Firms would be setting it up for Equity clientele along with doing it for other Businesses directly from the same Paid Hour base.


        Banks with businees loans can particpate via credit cards from Paid Hours input. Such additinal data would allow Banks to evaluate the liquidity of loans while business managers have sales dollar certainty for understanding cash flow with profit analysis.