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The Prediction

By Virtue of Chart 1 & 4 Below the Word Prediction has Become Recording Trading Value of Stocks for the Last 13 Days & Sales Dollars for a the Last 13 Weeks

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   During my first stage of texting Earned versus Paid Hours within my patents at least 10 years ago I knew it was capable of predicting the DJIA as we know it today. From the beginning it only contains 30 stock prices with the same quantity of each. Making it non-discerning for any consistent arithmetic calculation. Thus I concentrated on the inversion of ROI for the Absolute Percent AB$%® as my quality path to commercialization for both individual public equity stocks and the average price per share for funds and or portfolios.

    Fund pricing per share is synonymous with the selling price of units in a business among the Patent's Grid.  Both are the most significant quality to 13 weekly quarterly cells within Grid totals. Both bring analysis results where data has never been before. Such Patent claims were never helped because I could never demonstrate with factual amounts. 

   Continuous predictability within 30 stocks for the DJIA Index, the most published well known random 24 hour amount, is a major achievement in itself. With a total in trillions, change has little percent significance. But the fact that it is contained within the price of a single share for a stock & for a single unit (invoice) for a business gives it tremendous analytical  capability. The means to the end is even simpler: Hours Paid to employees for a business or a fixed amount of Hours Paid for  a basket of stocks. The purpose of both is Management & Ownership  transparency.


   By proving the Prediction two weeks out from the outstanding shares of 30 corporations, for the DJIA the most recorded number in the world; Quarterly NET SALES in any currency for ANY BUINESS can also be predicted. Such use with its proven Earned Hour accuracy will negate the need for monthly closings & budgets and eliminate much of the cost for CPA authority to Certify financial statments.