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The Prediction

By Virtue of Chart 1 & 4 Below the Word Prediction has Become Recording Trading Value of Stocks for the Last 13 Days & Sales Dollars for a the Last 13 Weeks

(Throughout this Website) 

   During my first stage of texting Earned versus Paid Hours within my patents at least 10 years ago I knew it was capable of predicting the DJIA as we know it today. From the beginning it only contains 30 stock prices with the same quantity of each. Making it non-discerning for any consistent arithmetic calculation. Thus I concentrated on the inversion of ROI for the Absolute Percent AB$%® as my quality path to commercialization for both individual public equity stocks and the average price per share for funds and or portfolios.

    Fund pricing per share is synonymous with the selling price of units in a business among the Patent's Grid.  Both are the most significant quality to 13 weekly quarterly cells within Grid totals. Both bring analysis results where data has never been before. Such Patent claims were never helped because I could never demonstrate with factual amounts. 

   Continuous predictability within 30 stocks for the DJIA Index, the most published well known random 24 hour amount, is a major achievement in itself. With a total in trillions, change has little percent significance. But the fact that it is contained within the price of a single share for a stock & for a single unit (invoice) for a business gives it tremendous analytical  capability. The means to the end is even simpler: Hours Paid to employees for a business or a fixed amount of Hours Paid for  a basket of stocks. The purpose of both is Management & Ownership  transparency.


   By proving the Prediction two weeks out from the outstanding shares of 30 corporations, for the DJIA the most recorded number in the world; Quarterly NET SALES in any currency for ANY BUINESS can also be predicted. Such use with its proven Earned Hour accuracy will negate the need for monthly closings & budgets and eliminate much of the cost for CPA authority to Certify financial statments. 

This website will post Mon. Wed. & Fri. Mornings


Although AB$% changes daily to some degree  


Nor the Deviation from 100% for the

Stock Price of a Single Corporation 


For A Basket or Stocks 

As Patented In Last Chart 



Tab 2

 With the Introduction of a 4th Dimension for the Indivdual Investor Not Used by Any Advicement

Your Dow Quantities Owned @ Yesterday's Close  per My Accumulation Available Daily    

For all 80,000 Outstanding Shares of 30 Coporations of the Dow in the Last 3 charts  below 

Tab 3 

The Posting of 26 of 30 OiBiTDA $$$ for Q4 2016 

Nor the Deviation in Tab 4 for the Cash Profit of Any Business in 

Grid Format for Earned Hours Versus Paid Hours

8,219,479  &  8,626,633

That Predicts the Quarter's Sales Dollars

with 13 Week Totals  


 The Cloud is Infatuated by the Past with no better Example than the DJIA

 The financial markets have become so wedded to a data status quo that they have become blind to new visions.


What are you doing for me lately in the Form of  3 Benchmarks &

Tab 5

 Each Operating Facility of a Corporation

with the Same Consolidated Quarterly to Date totals can also be Compared to All Other Public Corporate Equities  

All this Patented Data with its Trademark AB$% Should be an IPO

Virtually & Figuratively Below

The DJIA Transcends Real Time by Recording the Price per Share by the Patent's Grid  as Done for the  Selling Price of a Unit for any Business.  

As well as the Distant Past  of



   I finally arrived at my last attempt to commercialize my Patent/Trademark technology in chart form. Chart 1 below sets the stage with the simplicity of a process for a stock that had 18 claims for the text in Patent #1. My patent attorney from the exact same text suggested a new filing that passed Washington D.C. scrutiny with 7 claims that needs chart 2 with 12 columns for this agenda.


    Column 1 is the most consistent day to day amount in dollars & cents; yet most insignificant as to the exact amount with its average for 30 stock prices. But, its daily total value is perfect as a control for all this website has to offer that is all my data base for 30 Corporations and the Absolute Percent’s in column 6.   Columns 3, 4 & 5 are three of four variables of the Patent/Trademark Process .


   The fact that column’s 5 shares per $1000 Invested, & total column 6, AB$%® agree  is living proof for all the arithmetic of the technology.  Column 5 as connected to the price of each stock is also the principal driver of the AB$%®. As a total in agreement with the total of AB$%® such is also the consolidator for the mix of Cash Profits (OiBiTDA $$$, Benchmark #3 for 30 Corporations & 24/7 Trade Values.  The consolidation is also  an Economic Indicator for the DJIA itself a model labeled D 30  Curve with the D for D’Amico. In examining the 24/7 price of 30 corporations and the average price for a Basket of Public Stocks (the DJIA), the AB$% ® in percent amount is truly Absolute as  so named.


    The exactness to the percent in column 6 & per $1000 invested also declares,  however the mix of 30 stock prices that minutely change ROI the Absolute Percent’s absorbs 24/7 price like no other stock data  for the present & future.


    Lastly for the D 30 Curve and its Economic Indication below, the fact that the $1000 per share price is in agreement with  the exact ROI percent negates the ratio’s use in calculating the Absolute Percent of the DJIA Basket with the arrow & far right. 

Inverted ROI divided by Benchmark #3 = the AB$% as used in column 12


In addition, the Use of D 30 Curve as an Indicator is further enhanced as a Fixed 1000 AB$% Points (below)  while proving the Absolute Percent calculation by dividing the per Share price by its absilute amount to scale it up to 1000 Points.  


      I am not finished with the power of AB$%®. All would be for naught if not used for individual investor because I  know the financial industry is not ready for a reason to slow down the endless stock trading going on today; each day. In both cases the common logarithm base of a 1000 allows the 100% to be exceeded for both a Stock Price and the Basket’s Average per Share. Foremost that is my goal with you the individual investor and my download of $90.00 per quarter to always have your basket in the 100% range for which i know it does not reside today.


Getting back to commercializing the process I am making a final try with Yahoo as done many times before. It is a natural since it is their 7 data items that feed my data base. 


One last stab is also being approached to Bank Of America with the UNIVERSAL GRID for all Business Credit Cards the world over. It brings Lendor transparency and Cash Flow management to a Businss by Sales Dollar Certainty Quarterly 


All should be part of an IPO of which I am ready to divide up: with always 20% to the SEC to  start paying off paying off the National Debt, & so on for the balance .


Just imagine revealing the Absolute Percents for the top ten holdings for all the Funds listed by Barron's from a 5,000 listing of world wide stocks daily while the SEC is retiring the National Debt with the Universal Grid for those same 5,000 Corporations weekly. 

  If not even a call & presently no reply to my very recent questions, then it is on to my University, St.John's University waving the $.01 per PAID HOUR service fee where I received a CPA Certificate Award upon Graduation & played shortstop for 4 years.  

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SEE WMT + XOM Q1 2017 last chart 28 of 30






PLEASE NOTICE $1.3 Trillion Revenue for Bx #3  

from Service to the Dow 30 with the Technology

in SEC Hands  

To Start Paying Off the National Debt 




   Above are 3 versions of the DJIA,  D 30 Curve, also the Economic Indicator, All Outstanding Shares & Single Shares of 4,606. All are now on a level Trading Field in arriving at Cap Value as if a Fund or Portfolio of 30 Corporate Components. 


   As you can see when dividing D 30 Curve quantifies of 460,576 for millions of dollars it equal 4606 and those of the day’s recording in chart 5 below & cakculated in chart 4 above for the DJIA at the close of the NYSE for 30 single shares per $1000 invested as well. 


   All of the above arithmetic is meant to compensate for the illegitimate quantity of the DJIA Index & its ETF with 75 trillion shares at over $200 per share vs. those outstanding for $6 trillion dollars trading in the $70 range.  

  The AB$% as Historically Proven below Captures Daily Change to ALL Equities World Wide while Comparing Results Among Stocks & Portfolios with a Single Absolute Percent that has gone down 40.8% when the DJIA has Increased 51.2% since 2007.