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Inve$tor Tran$parency






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Seeing is Believing 

This Tab is meant to Expand the Use of the Grid for  All  Statisical Data as done for Currency as I have also proved in Chart 1


a Full Explosion of the D 30 Curve Proof for Practical use by Individuals & Banks in Particular with a Product for the Ages 

Plus Plus

A means to Communicate in Chart form with you that today is being left behind with the size of Hand Held Devices 


The first chart communication as in the last 2  

Before a change in week 13 from $77,000 in sales to -$23,000 after what could be anywhere in the Grid or to adjust to a Financial Statement  

This use & proof of the Patents Probability Percent (PQ) Earning Hours versus those Fixed at 10,000 in stead of 100 as for stocks was farily easy because the decimal point is consisent with $100 except for the Japanese Yen. 


In this case the multiplication of the PQ by $10,000 exactly agrees with the starting rates being compared to $62,077.  Except for the Yen at $100.

The d 30 Curve for D'Amico  a Model for the Ages Fixed at 1000 Points of the Absolute Percent 

AB$% in Tab 1 Proved Predictable & Priceless that should be the SEC Hands as a Profit Center 

without no one but myself that wants to do the simple arithmetic or reply to e-mails or the phone.


   Where by Banking Institutions could first Invest their own Dollars in the same Dow 30 Curve Cap Value in lots of $25 million dollars. Thereafter transfer Cash Saving Accounts amounts at the discretion of their owners in $1000 lots until total cash profits fully fund each lot at approximately $60 per share.


   Such a Cash Saving Investor could take all his or her  Cash Saving Transfers and divide by the Daily ROI & Dow Curve Model continually transparent from the Media to the Cap Value of his or her dollars in the Dow 30.


Apple by my Pleasure 

Detail but Far Reaching for Stocks, Net Sales 


$77,000 in Sales during week 13 from before


After week # 13 to agree with a Financial Statement or if it took place in any week to agree with a Prediction  

Ditto for OiBiTDA that is not part of the Future Process. Just telling it like it is with no wrong results with the analysis 

And of course the variances of Bx# 2 Payroll & Benchmark #3 always adding to 100%