For $49.50 per Quarter you will get the chart below

UP- DATED EVERY Tuesday & Thursday Noon 


PLease Notice When You Subscribe Your Holdings can Continue  to Afford your Own ROI & Absolute Percent Weekly 



 Once you sign on to this Tab at $49.50 per Quarter it will expose the Ranking of DJIA Changes for the closings of Monday & Wednesday for the balance of the current Calendar Quarter. Such a chart will allow a Subscriber to withhold Trading low variances one way or another & consider others where he or she is in for the long run-specially good for Margin Accounts.


If you have not paid the $49.50 for the current Quarter and wish to subscribe during the 2nd or 3rd month of the current Calendar Quarter the  charge is only $25 & $49.50 per Quarter there after. 



All of which I wish to put in the hands of the US Government in order to verify the daily arithmetic as an Economic Indicator but not for Investors as a whole Fund as weighted down by stocks that should split.

Below is the Econimic Indicator Posted Daily 

For its D 30 Curve (columns 1,2,3) Model

Proving its AB$% @ 100% 

And Fixed at 1000 Points

Reporting the Most Recent Quarterly Cash Profit for the

Most Consistent Corporations in America

Along with the Cap. Values of Each Coporation as in a

Portfolio  for all their Outstanding Shares 

Special Note 

It is not Meant to Be Invested in as a Whole for 30 Stocks 

By the Very Nature of the Daily AB$% Ranking on this Website Introduction  






This Chart Below is meant to be for 90% of World Wide Businesses for your "what ever amounts" for 1000's of Dollars to absorb your facts for 3 or four weeks to set up in your  calendar quarters fixed at 13000 hours for your weekly Actual Paid Hours #2 above.  


It will not take long for this particular future truth to come forth. Several weeks of actual Earned Hours will be those for the 1st quarter of use as back filled for earier weeks in this particular Grid for virtually every Business that gives it a whirl. 


By Sending for it by an E-Mail Request